Emergency Evacuation Pet Planning

Emergency Evacuation Plan for your pets Author: porchpotty101 During emergencies, it##Q##s important to not forget about the family members that are entirely dependent on you – your pets. People are not always ready for emergency evacuations, and unfortunately this often means that pets get left behind. Be sure to include your pets in your family emergency plan. Here are some simple steps you can take right now to prepare for a possible crisis: Continue reading →

Peligro! Morning Glory Dangers!

Morning Glory Warnings Blog Daddy I know for many of you, myself included, it is time to plant the Morning Glories.  In doing some research it has come to my attention that these plants can be poisonous both to humans and to animals.  My major concern here would be very young children, puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. Continue reading →

Foods that Fido should Avoid

Grapes, Nuts, and Your Dogs Health – Foods that Fido should Avoid By Carolyn Schweitzer “Magoo was a big, playful Labrador retriever who often got himself into sticky situations…” So begins a story in the latest report from the ASPCA on foods that may be toxic to dogs. It turns out that Magoo got into the pantry and snagged himself about a pound of raisins. He ate the whole thing, of course. The ASPCA never mentions Magoo##Q##s fate. But they do tell us that as little Continue reading → Continue reading →