Spoiled Dogs

Top 3 Ways to Spoil Your Dog Beyond Repair

Author: Kasan Groupe

1)  Buy them an orthopedic dog bed. When you dog comes home from their day at the spa getting a facial and deep tissue massage surprise him or her with an orthopedic dog bed to keep their muscles and joints from getting cramped and achy. No, seriously, they have orthopedic dog beds. I’m guessing the people that buy these are either: 1) Old women 2) Childless women, or 3) Paris Hilton. Since dogs can’t talk it’s hard to tell if they really need an orthopedic dog bed, but if you’ve got cash to blow and no children to spend it on, go nuts.

2)  Put your dog on an organic and fresh meat diet. Treat your dog like a human and give them only the highest quality organic fruit and fresh meat from your local grocery! If you want the best for your dog, Kibbles and Bits just won’t do anymore. Make sure your dog is getting all his or her essential protein and vitamins with organic foods and fresh meat. You can even slip a few vitamin pills into his or her food as well; they’ll never know and will be healthier because of it.

3)  Two words: birthday party. Your dog turned 5 today which is a day to remember, like D-Day or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Celebrate in style and throw the biggest birthday bash your dog has ever, and will ever, see (but probably won’t remember.) Believe it or not there are entire sites dedicated to information and of course, things to buy, to help you throw your dog the best birthday party ever. Or you can save yourself the time and energy and hire a dog birthday party planner to do all the leg work for you.

4)  Install dog ramps around your home. You dog is much too important to use stairs. Stairs are for dogs whose owners don’t care about them. Make sure you home is fully dog friendly when you create fun little dog ramps up and down the floors of your house. You could even make a dog ramp up to your bed so you dog doesn’t have to exert that extra energy to jump up there. Pamper your dog in true style with fun dog ramps.

5)  Bling. Give your dog some confidence and raise his or her self esteem and self-worth with some expensive 14k gold dog jewelry to wear when they are out of the house. Dogs have sensitive egos so sometimes all they need is a little extra boost of confidence, and who doesn’t feel better when they have thousands of dollars wrapped around their neck? If you care about your dogs mental health and how he or she is judged on the unforgiving sidewalks and streets of America you will buy your pet some bling.

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Alan Lomax is a freelance writer. He has no children.

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