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Before Getting A Dog

Before Getting A Dog – Somethings to Consider By Blog Daddy When you decided to get a dog, I##Q##ll bet you daydreamed about the great times you##Q##d have with your new best friend. However, there are many things that you … Continue reading

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Cat Smell

Cat’s, How to Get Rid of That Urine Odor Outdoors Maybe I’m the only one, but that can’t be.  This neighborhood is overrun with stray cats.  We all know the drill, renters move in, want a kitty, move out, leave … Continue reading

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Pets and Your Yard

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Dog Urine and Your Yard

It’s that time of year. Time to begin to turn our attention to our yards.  Whether you are a farmer, organic gardener, home owner or a landscaper, this is a special time of year especially for you.  You are ready Continue reading

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